Qualities of a Successful Management Team

Managers are individuals who direct, coordinate, control, or guide the operations of an organization. A successful management team works together to create, organize, and properly execute and develop strategies for their company or organization. The management team makes up the highest levels of management within a company. These are the individuals who people turn to for guidance, each specializing in different areas.

This being said, when choosing a successful management team for your company or business, there are some qualities that you should look for. As a successful entrepreneur, these are my, Brennan Balzi’s, top qualities needed to create a lucrative management team.


A successful management team works well with each other because they communicate openly. Communication is key with any group of individuals, but especially a management team. This team is responsible for sharing thoughts, opinions, and ideas that will help the company flourish. Communication is essential, because, without it, important information can be lost in transit, or information can be misinterpreted.

Furthermore, it’s important that a management team communicate well together because they are responsible for delegating tasks or assignments to other employees. They are the ones who set the tone for others, and proper communication means smooth sailing for the company.

Solution-Focused Culture

When something vital goes wrong within a company it is easy to put blame on a certain individual or team. A successful management team focuses on creating a solution-focused culture and not blame placing.

This means that the successful management team works toward coming up with a solution for any given situation, instead of simply pointing fingers at those who caused the issue. Employees will feel more comfortable bringing issues forward when they arise knowing that the company will work together as a whole to solve the issue.

Shared Goals

A successful management team works towards shared goals and responsibilities. Each member of the management team contributes equally to achieving these goals and this is something that must be communicated clearly to all employees. When a company has unspoken hierarchies, it will lead to miscommunication, lack of productivity, and employee dissatisfaction. This can cause a successful management team to fail.

You want to choose individuals who want to see the company grow and thrive. Thus, choosing those who have the same vision in mind will create a powerhouse management team.

Great Leadership Qualities

This is an important characteristic that each member of your management team should possess. You want to choose leaders who are comfortable taking charge of situations and motivating others to get the job done. Leaders should know how to gain the trust and respect of a team.

Another quality of a successful leader is being able to willingly be held accountable for the actions of the entire team. Taking on the leadership role means you are now responsible for not only your actions but the actions of your team. The management team needs to be able to set the tone of how the company should run.


As a leader, it is important to stay organized. This means setting priorities, delegating tasks to the right individual, and ensuring that your team feels supported. A successful management team works to create an environment of organization including prioritizing work tasks, keeping up with deadlines, and accommodating for any changes in schedule.


If successful management teams weren’t competitive, they wouldn’t be successful. It is how management teams cope with competition that makes them successful. You want individuals with hunger and passion to see the company succeed.

In order to work as a unit towards shared goals and stay productive, a successful management team needs to have individuals who enjoy working hard. However, you don’t want anyone who acts too big for their britches. Being competitive is one thing, but there is a fine line between competitiveness and cockiness which you’ll want to avoid.

Create a Successful Management Team

Remember that successful management teams don’t just happen overnight, they evolve over time into a success story. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to train and guide your team the way you expect your business to operate.

However, you should choose individuals with the qualities above because teaching the fundamentals of the company are easy. Teaching qualities like communication and competitiveness is much harder.

Remember this, you are only as good as your weakest player, or employee, so find yourself a team you can trust.

Until Next Time,

Brannan Balzi

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