Role of Personal Development in Career Growth

As an entrepreneur, CEO, or employee, your job role is forever evolving. Working within any field whether health care or business, your skillset is continuously growing. From exposure to new fields to new environments and scenarios, there is always room for growth. The role of personal development in career growth is important for any successful business. The question is how? 

As a successful entrepreneur, I, Brennan Balzi, am here to tell you why personal development is important, especially for your employees. 

Employees Lacking in Personal Development

What makes a valuable employee? A valuable employee is someone a company can rely on. Not just to finish the task at hand, but who proactively learns new skills and applies them in other areas of the job. An individual who believes they are only responsible for the tasks assigned to them will never grow within a career. A multitalented employee who is willing to help in different areas of the company is more of an asset compared to someone who restricts themselves only to their bubble.  

The days of clocking in, getting your work done, and leaving are a thing of the past. This mindset gives no value to a company and no room for growth. For example, a receptionist in the past would answer phone calls and manage schedules. However, now there are many other skills a receptionist can begin learning not only for personal development but for career advancement. For marketing, hiring a well-rounded individual with the eagerness to learn will outweigh someone who only specializes in one area. 

5 Areas of Personal Development

Before growing your personal development and skills to help your career skyrocket, you must first understand the five areas of personal development. This includes:

  1. Mind
  2. Social
  3. Spiritual 
  4. Emotional 
  5. Physical 


The first of the five areas of personal development is all about mental growth. Development always starts with the mind. Reading books, taking courses, and watching documentaries that can grow your mind in the industry you are in will help with personal development and career growth. Constantly growing the mind is only going to progress your growth within your life as a whole. 


To grow personally and professionally everyone needs social and communication skills. The second area of personal development is social skills. Maybe public speaking isn’t your calling, however, speaking with clients or other employees requires communication skills. 

Furthermore, learning how to be an active listener and how to properly digest the information that is being given is highly important. You can take it a step further and learn a new language which is very appealing on a resume. 


Spiritual personal development doesn’t have to mean the same thing from person to person. This means finding anything that brings you peace, whether that be church, yoga, or anything that connects you to your true self. Some choose to spend time in nature or join a bible study to help them connect with themselves on a spiritual level. 


Learning how to deal with emotions and not allowing our emotions to get the best of us is the fourth area of personal development. A great way to deal with intense emotions is by journaling and writing down why you are feeling this way. For me, writing down in a journal what the root of the problem is and where these emotions come from helps me calm down and grasp why I may have overacted. 

I am also a big advocate for couseling and talking through my problems which is another useful tool to understanding one’s emotions and growing from certain experiences. 


Lastly, the fifth area of personal development is physical development, and we aren’t only talking about exercising. Healthy eating habits, as well as sleeping habits, go into developing well-rounded personal development habits. 

How Personal Development Helps with Career Growth 

After reading this article, the conclusion is that personal development skills help career growth, as well as life as a whole. Practicing personal development skills and growth will not only put you above other candidates but help you excel within a company. Actively trying to learn new skills and help out in different areas of a workplace will take you far, even when it goes unnoticed.

If you are ready to take your career to the next level, remember these skills and apply them in the workplace and in your everyday life. Remember, knowledge is power.

Signing off,

Brennan Balzi

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