How Authenticity Could Benefit Your Small Business

The days of being primed and polished online are over. In today’s day and age showing users your authentic self takes the cake. In this article I’ll share how authenticity could benefit your small business. 

What is Authentic Marketing  

Authentic marketing is discovering and conveying your business’s personal voice. Rather than attempting to imitate others due to their success. It’s about being yourself and not attempting to be someone else.

Why it’s Matters 

Customers want to get involved with the companies they care about. They want to know that they can rely on the business and its branding. 

Airbnb has done exactly that. They have formed a relationship and trust with their clients. Airbnb is one of the world’s most popular home-sharing websites. 

They were founded on the premise that their clients will have real, authentic experiences during their trips. They have demonstrated that being real is more important than the brand itself.

But why is authenticity important? Users are no longer buying things only for the logo. They desire to be a part of something greater than themselves. They want to be a part of a brand that shares their views and beliefs.

Users See Value in Products 

Customers recognize the value of a brand when it displays its genuine qualities. Influencers are making unboxing videos and posting product reviews. All to showcase first impressions on products to their viewers. 

An authentic marketing plan raises the overall worth of the company. Customers perceive its worth and are willing to pay extra for it since it has grown to symbolize them. Small companies balk at the idea of authenticity because they do not want to lose new buyers. 

As long as your brand is anchored in a genuine “why,” you can properly give reasons for the quality. Based on this “why,” you will discover that devoted consumers are prepared to support your brand at any price.

Creating Authentic Content 

In order for companies to post authentic content, businesses should develop a real message. One that engages with their audience in order to demonstrate their individuality. There are assortments of authentic content that might help you show clients what your brand truly reflects.


Before buying products, Millennials love conducting research. They want to be certain that what they are purchasing is exactly what they expect. Before committing to a purchase, 33% of millennials read blog reviews. 

Compared to 3% who read evaluations from TV advertising, books, and magazines. When creating a blog, acknowledge your business’s individuality by providing important content that only your brand can supply.

User Generated Content

According to the studies, user-generated content is the most legitimate and impactful type of material available. When compared to material provided by a company, 60% of people deem UGC the most authentic way to sell a product/service. 

These days the opinions of  celebrities and influencers are un-authentic. Creating a false reality to their viewers. Ultimately, making it hard to trust their reviews. Also ranking them as the least powerful when it comes to influencing customers’ shopping decisions. 

Having a real user experience from locals or someone you can trust trumps all. On average, 70 percent of Millennials go to social media before celebrity influencers when making purchase decisions.

Don’t make the mistake of faking UGC either. Customers can tell the difference between professional and UGC photographs. Millennials are the most adept at distinguishing between the two.


Partnerships are important however, partnerships with co-creators present an opportunity for more involvement with how the products are created. Co-creation is more than simply a creative sales and marketing strategy; it is about producing shared value. 

This opens up a new market for brands. Millennials want to be connected, so it’s a big win. Companies create items that people want because they had a hand in making them. Look for chances for collaboration, such as; Invention, design and idea submissions.

Social Media

Social media is the blueprint into the thoughts of consumers. 62% of millennials have expressed that if a business engages with them via social media they’ll become faithful customers. 

Customers want businesses to connect with them, not simply have a presence online. When it comes to connecting with your consumers, it’s more than a social media post. You want to engage with them on a personal level as a business. 

Instagram stories, live streaming, and responding to comments are the most effective ways to bridge the gap between your brand and your customers. These allow the buyer to get to know the people behind the company and generate a voice behind the brand.

Keep It Real, Keep It Authentic 

If there’s one thing I want you to take away from this blog today it’s; just to keep it authentic. Authentic marketing necessitates consistency in truth, openness, clarity, and humility. Authenticity in branding and marketing is not only ethical.

Users now have access to even the most minute data about businesses. These days, you’d be a fool to lie or “spin.” 
The key is to have the bravery to communicate the truth while still showing genuine concern for your consumers. I hope you enjoyed this blog on how authenticity could benefit your small business. Be sure to check out more. Until next time Brennan Balzi.

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