I'm Brennan Balzi
Designer Developer Consultant


Managing Partner

DevTeam LA

Brennan Balzi is in charge of marketing oversight and management of a skill based interactive gaming platform launched in 2019 with a first year annual revenue of 5.6M.  

Senior Developer

Beverly Hills Crypto Management

Brennan Balzi manages a team and controlling the oversight of undervalued cryptocurrencies as well as the goliath coins and surveying the changes within. Oversight of a total of 12 accounts valued at 3.4M total and a personal portfolio of over 1M. 

Managing Partner


Brennan Balzi manages a multi-state healthcare company and brand, consisting of fully licensed drug and alcohol facilities. Spearheading and assisting with national GoogleAds campaigns/SEO strategies. Managed and created 6 facilities of varying price points and levels of care.


American Career College

Degree in Medical Billing and Coding

Advanced GoogleAd Course


Business of Mobile Gaming


Introduction to Crypto Assets


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