5 Ideas to Help with Career Self-development in California

What is Career Self-development

Being a Las Angeles local and entrepreneur, understand that the success of an organization doesn’t come from finding the perfect team that knows it all. But, encouraging individuals to care about their own career growth. This is why it is important to teach and help with career self-development in California businesses to set yourself and your employees up for success. 

Career self-development is very similar to personal development, however, there are some differences. For example, personal development is when an individual is working towards improving their awareness, identity, wellbeing, health, talents, skills, goals, or aspirations. This can be done by any activity, habit, or course of improvement. On the other hand, career self-development has more of a career-based focus, rather than holistic wellbeing. 

Career self-development involves pushing yourself to learn and grow within your career and not allowing yourself to get complacent. To not only learn but listen to your peers and accept constructive feedback. Striving to be better in the work environment makes you a more valuable employee while working towards your full potential. 

Benefits of Career Self-development

1. Greater Satisfaction

Success brings satisfaction. That doesn’t mean becoming rich and famous, we are talking about career self-development. Challenging yourself to make that next quota or working towards a promotion and then having your hard work pay off is always satisfying. 

2. More Motivation

It is important to set goals within your career. It is in our nature to feel more motivated and excited when you’re working towards something. Without career goals, work tends to turn into more of a chore rather than something you are motivated and passionate about. 

3. Help You Achieve Career Ambitions

By working on your career self-development you are making a commitment to yourself and your team that you are going to continue to improve. Achieving your ambitions and dreams one day at a time. 

4. Widens Your Skill Range

Clocking in at 9 am then out at 5 pm and only getting done what is under your job description is not good career self-development practice. However, allowing yourself to learn and observe will widen your skills and knowledge. Making you a valuable asset to your company. 

5. Helps You to Handle Change Better

Companies are forever changing, it is inevitable. New bosses, coworkers, or job roles can be thrown at you at any given moment. Focusing on your career self-development and embracing whatever change may occur will seem like a walk in the park. This goes hand in hand with widening your skill range. For example, if your coworker up and quits and your boss is looking for someone to step up, you can be that person because you didn’t limit yourself to only learning your specific job role. 

The 5 Ideas to Help with Career Self-development in California 

1. Visualization

Visualization may seem brainless and repetitive, however, according to Maslow’s theory on self-actualization, it is in our nature to want to improve and learn. Visualize where you want to be and what you want to achieve at the end of the development process. Then, it is time to set those goals to help get you to those achievements in order to reach the end of your career self-development journey.

2. A Clear Timeline

Once you’ve finished visualizing your goals and what it’s going to take to get you there, it’s time to create a timeline. Without a plan or setting deadlines for yourself, it is easy to fall off track from what you’re trying to achieve. A clear timeline with deadlines to work to hit keep you motivated on your career self-development journey. Adding smaller goals and milestones to hit before reaching your end goal make it easier, as well as not as daunting and far out of reach. 

3. Developing Technical and Functional Skills

Evaluating your skills and what needs to be improved is important not only for career self-development but personal development. Understanding what aspects or skills need to be improved on within your career to help you hit your goal is important for success. For example, you may realize you need to brush up on your public speaking skills to help you excel within your career and take you to the next level. 

4. Ask for Feedback

Never be afraid to ask for feedback, from your peers, management, and supervisors. More often than not, these individuals have, or are going through similar situations over the course of their careers. Both positive and negative feedback offers clarity on the next direction to take for improvement and growth. 

5. Recording, Reviewing, and Revising

Lastly, recording your process throughout your journey is also important for the growth process. Keep track of your milestones, breakthroughs, challenges, or obstacles that may have arisen, and what still needs to be worked on. However, the kicker is that recording these achievements is useless without reviewing and revising every month, quarter, or year. 

Additionally, you can always learn from your mistakes or speed bumps and revise your next goals if they seem unachievable. This doesn’t mean making them easier but making little revisions to avoid any potential setbacks. 

Any Questions?

If you are looking to talk to someone about more ideas to help with career self-development in California, feel free to reach out. I am here to help you transform your organization and find your profit opportunities beyond your current scope. Through career self-development, setting goals, and looking at the big picture, I am here to help you succeed. Visit my website, https://brennanbalzi.com/, or follow me on all my social media!

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