5 Fears Holding You Back From Success?

Fear is a natural human emotion we learn at a young age. It helps protect us from unsafe situations and circumstances. Oftentimes, we allow our fears to control our lives, and at times, this can hold us back from success. Overcoming your fears is not an easy thing to do, and can be something you need to work on throughout your lifetime. 

Fear is normally an subconscious emotion that we don’t realize is hindering our ability to succeed. Many factors can play into why we are afraid to pursue our goals. When asking former friends and classmates what Brennan Balzi is afraid of, the popular answer is nothing. “Brennan Balzi is a risk taker, and nothing holds him back from succeeding,” says friend Logan Rae. Although this is true, and success motivates me to conquer my fears, I too can let them set me back from my goals.

Here is a list of the five most common fears that can be holding you back from achieving your greatest potential.  

1. Fear of Failure

The first fear we are going to touch on is the fear of failure. This is a big one that holds us back from pursuing our goals and dreams all together. How can we overcome this anxiety we have in regards to failure? You must learn how to turn these failures into a positive. This applies to any one of these five fears.

Of course this way of thinking is much easier said than done, and you are not wrong. The way I like to look at the positive is, without failure, there is no room for improvement. This can all be a positive learning experience, and can teach you what you need to work on to succeed.   

To put it simply, when people ask me how to overcome this fear, my answer is not complicated. If I continue to fear pursuing my passions, and allow this fear to control my life, I will never truly know success. Like the baseball legend Babe Ruth once said, “never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.

2. Fear of Success

This brings us to our second fear, which is the fear of success. Many people, especially introverts, feel most comfortable flying under the radar. They are fearful of the attention they may get from their success, and this deters them from pursuing their dreams all together. When deciding to take the leap and pursue your passions, you are choosing to walk into unknown territory.

Doing anything with an unknown outcome is scary and difficult. Without overcoming this fear, our dreams will continue to be just that, dreams. When I am passionate about something, I do anything and everything in my power to make it come alive. I do not let fear dictate my life, and neither should you. Be confident in your goals and ambitions and know that you pursuing them can make a difference for not only you but for others.

3. Fear of Rejection

This one, along with the first, are big reasons why people choose to never pursue their passions, and make up every excuse in the book as to why they are not successful. The fear of rejection applies to every aspect of life. Whether that is rejection for a job interview, or from a potential relationship, no one likes to be told no. The main point is, rejection is inevitable. We all have and will experience rejection time and time again within our lives. 

At the end of the day, rejection hurts no matter what the circumstances. We all try to avoid pain and heartbreak as best as we can. Although this may be the case, if we let rejection keep us from trying, we will never reach our full potential. So many give up on their hopes and dreams because they don’t want to be rejected. Make the decision to not care what others may think and follow your dreams. Choose to embrace the rejection in a positive way and learn from it. The way we overcome and respond to the rejection, will measure our success.

4. Fear of Change

When we get stuck, or comfortable in our ways and routines, change can be scary. This fear is common, especially when we are making a career change, moving across the country or even getting out of a long term relationship or marriage. Sadly, more times than not, because of this fear, people stay in situations that are not beneficial to them. People will stay in a toxic marriage, or continue working for a company that they are not passionate about. 

I tell people to embrace change and welcome new opportunities for growth. Letting this fear keep you from experiencing success in your life, is only robbing you from your greatest potential. Our lives and passions are constantly changing and evolving, don’t allow yourself to be complacent.

5. Fear of Inadequacy

The final fear we are going to speak about is the fear of inadequacy. This goes hand in hand with the fear of rejection. When someone doesn’t feel like they are good enough or smart enough, they will avoid trying all together. Instead of taking that leap of faith, you are telling yourself no before anyone else does to avoid the rejection. 

If this is your mindset, you will never know if you are adequate, because you’re not allowing yourself the chance to show your potential. In the end, you are the only one holding yourself back. This is one of those fears that our subconscious mainly controls. Building your confidence is difficult, especially in such a judgmental society. Remind yourself every day that you are good enough and find your confidence. 

Don’t let your fears control your success.

Until next time,

Brennan Balzi

9 thoughts on “5 Fears Holding You Back From Success?”

  1. This is a great list. I’m not surprised to see fear of success on this list. Change is scary, and success is a form of change.

  2. These are all powerful fears that really can hamper your progress. I think we all need to really look at which fears we have that are holding us back.

  3. It’s amazing how varied our fears can be and how they can hold us back. I mean, you wouldn’t think we’d be afraid of success, but it’s common.

  4. The fear of failure has kept me back, so many times. There are days when I am working on something and the moment that fear lingers in, I shiver and back out of the whole arrangement!

  5. It’s hard to get past fears, even more so if you don’t realize you have them. It’s paramount to your success to forge ahead despite them. Nothing gets done by dreaming alone.

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